Fertile Ground

A novel that brings to light a dark chapter of American history. During the cold spring of 1942 in upstate New York, US  government officials steal away German-born farmer Hans Müller in the middle of the night, leaving his wife and two sons alone and without explanation. Does Hans’ odd obsession with his shortwave radio and foreign newspapers  mean his quaint American life has been a lie? Or has the government  made a horrible mistake that threatens to undo their family?

Praise for Fertile Ground

"In his debut novel, Fertile Ground, Penn Stewart brings the past alive with the nuances of felt experience, providing the present with a resonance that makes us understand that no single person or individual country or culture stands alone."

--Jonis Agee, author of The River Wife, Sweet Eyes, and The Weight of Dreams 

"In Fertile Ground, Penn Stewart expertly builds suspense with quiet gestures, articulating a family’s fears and anxieties in the face of invasion, their small, simple lives suddenly complicated by world politics. A riveting mystery carries through this warm, heartfelt story of family, memory, and seeking forgiveness."

--Timothy Schaffert, author of The Swan Gondola and The Little Coffins of Hope


Fertile Ground
will be released 7 October 2014 by
Knox Robinson Publishing.


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